Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, 200 Hours

Yoga Nidra with Amrit Yoga, 100 Hours

Yin Yoga Foundation & Anatomy with Yin Therapy, 8 Hours

Yoga Nidra Advanced Training with Amrit Yoga, 40 Hours

Yoga Nidra Level 1 with iRest, 32 Hours


Lisa Masters has been involved in the practice of yoga and meditation for many years and also studied counseling in an effort to better understand how stress is linked to the mind and body.

Her desire to help people live a stress-free life led her to complete her yoga teacher training certification and she has continued to further her knowledge ever since.

Using a combination of these teachings she has a better understanding of how our bodies react when faced with various day to day stresses and how we can work towards quietening our minds and giving back to our tired and stressed bodies.